If you are interested in any of these positions then please call 01252 320108 and leave your details and our church warden Chris will get in touch with you or please email Vicar Alwyn.

All of these volunteer opportunities would be excellent on a CV and in a competitive market increase your chances of getting that dream job, to hone your skills or simply to give back to your community: 

PCC Secretary

PCC Treasurer

0-3 Creche Workers

Online Community Engagement

Flexible working 10 hours per week


Working remotely, you would use technology to connect people from different interest groups and communities and overcome digital exclusion, loneliness, and isolation to help us:

·      innovate new types of digital-networked communities in Aldershot e.g. Gamer communities, (Minecraft, Sci-fi), Business, Environmental, senior citizens;

·      create face-to-face events bringing people from these diverse interest groups together in safe spaces in Aldershot

Digital and Social Media Manager/Advisor

(Brand Manager equivalent) 3 hrs per month


To help us be more effective and engaging in all our communications we require someone, maybe at an executive level, who can:

·      advise us on all our communications, digital media platforms, including social media, email, graphic design, branding and film 

·      advise us on our digital media strategy and new technology (VR, multiverse, etc.)

·      guide us in commissioning content and production for our community here in Aldershot 

·      advise on how to devise campaigns that are engaging through websites, podcasts, videos, and other digital media

·      help us in evaluating and researching the effectiveness/impact of campaigns

·      help identify, enlist micro-influencers in Aldershot

Social Media Content Creator


Help us create content that is wholesome and mindful, that increases sense of wellbeing to:

·      create distinct content targeted at two groups : (i) Secondary & Sixth formers, and (ii) young families on all social media platforms. 

·      adhere to online safeguarding protocols

Business Networker


Being self-employed or starting from scratch can be very daunting and lonely - the aim of this role is to establish a supportive Business Networking Group where people can meet, interact and learn, and support each other to:

·      create a fun B2B network experiences, forums, or spaces for business people to connect 

·      facilitate business mentoring, coaching and access to training 

·      build partnerships with the Corporate and Public Sector in Rushmoor.


Short term 6 months


You may be a student or already established researcher looking to grow and develop your portfolio. The aim is to listen to different members of our community so that we can become better at caring and loving our community.


Local tourism, welcoming team


St. Michael's is a heritage site as Aldershot's oldest building and we require outgoing people to welcome and guide people, you may also need performing arts and drama skills in re-enactments of historical events. 

The hospitality slots are at school drop off and pick up times (Wed/Thurs/Fri), or on Sundays from 9.45- 10.15 (we will provide a pastry/coffee breakfast).