What do the following people all have in common? 

artists from church

They all started their musical careers in Church! Now is your time: 

angel voices

Do you love singing, having fun and meeting new people? Then Come and join our  choir.  Being part of Angel Voices church choir offers many benefits: from connecting with others, growing as a musician, opportunities to gain a scholarship, singing in inspiring spaces, contributing to something beautiful, and getting paid to sing at Weddings, Funerals and some of the big feasts. We are inviting you to join as a Parent with your child. If you join our choir you will receive free vocal coaching ; if your child is particularly talented they may have opportunities to win a prestigious scholarship at a Private School. 

Our choir rehearsals will take place every Wednesday afternoon after school or on Fridays at 6.30 pm. balancing schedules can sometimes be challenging, but rest assured, we're committed to making this experience enjoyable and convenient for everyone involved. Please do let us know if this time is not convenient for you.

To join up please click HERE and fill in the form

Rob Tilley on 01252 314389 or email