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Partnering hands

We had a focussed prayer time on Revival. 

As we came out of lockdown, something quite amazing started to happen at St.Michael's: 

the Holy Spirit has been bringing families, in particular children, from non-traditional, unchurched backgrounds into a new 'relationship' with God. 

We are currently reflecting and evaluating what has been quite unexpected, 

yet very encouraging for all of us and challenging as we attempt
to disciple so many new people. 

We are all invited to share God's gifts of resources to partner in His mission. 

This is an opportunity to partner with us 

Seeing the outworking of God's transformative power and 

discipling an entirely new unchurched generation 

in what latest deprivation indices describe as the 'most deprived in Hampshire'. 

I need to employ staff to help disciple these new people. 

If you are a tax-payer, I am asking you to prayerfully consider investing 

just a £1000 a year for 24 months, this is £83 pcm or about £20 a week or 

to refer us to someone you think might be interested. 

In return we will keep you updated with developments, 

stories of transformation and prayers for you.

will you partner

If so, please


or go to our 'Donate' page for other options.


There is a glorious reward in doing so. 

Thank you