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What is our fomo Service? 

Large scale research was carried out to find out what activities, events would produce the best, positive, healthy outcomes for children, families and the wider community. You can learn more about the research in this video: 

As we emerged out of lockdown and the pandemic, the findings became really important. One key finding was that the vast majority of children wanted to interact and be with older generations - they wanted to be with 'grandma' and 'grandpa' figures; equally, the older generations also wanted to help and pass on knowledge to younger generations.  

The results showed that where leaders, 

especially church leaders, created a culture 

that intentionally brought the different generations together 

 - to build relationships, 
- to serve each other and
- to learn with and from each other, 

all participants began to thrive, and those communities were much more resilient.

Additionally, the children were stretched in their imagination and creativity,
improved social skills and vocabulary, and developed new strategies that
enabled them to better lead others. 

However, all generations grew in that important part of human existence - FAITH. The recommendations were for more intergenerational Services. 
Our fomo Service is devised to fulfill this role

Why did we call it "fomo"? 

Partially as an anagram for "first of the month only" family services.
However, there were some serious considerations. 

The phrase 'fomo' (fear of missing out) is a real anxiety inducing phenomenon. 

It is becoming increasingly common and is a source of stress. 

Psychologists say that it is not just the sense that there might be better things that you could be doing at this moment, but it is the feeling that you are missing out on something fundamentally important that others are experiencing right now. 

The intergenerational service format was an excellent antidote, 

so, we used 'FOMO' as a label for our intergenerational services, 

to hint at its effectiveness in growing resilience. 

What is a fomo service like?  

It is informal and set around tables following a specific theme.

There is food, games and other resources on each table to enable interactions and learning from each other.  We also do celebrate the Eucharist.


Building Community 

Our community includes the church and our schools. 


There are various ways you can help to build our community: 

·     Be an Ambassador for the project - a link person 

·     Use your marketing, communication skills 

·     Event management skills

·     Hosting & Welcoming 

·     Childcare

·     Help develop a kit to engage families,
 develop materials etc. 

We can offer training (incl. some accredited)
+ it looks good on CVs and fulfilment in helping people. 

Why not give it a try. 

Please click here to register your interest and sign up.

We value your feedback 

It helps us grow and improve access to our Services and
to enable a truly wonderful worship experience encounter with God.  

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Thank you for your feedback.

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