Flower Arranging

Service Service Flower Arranging

: Pam West or Jean Asprey  on 01252 320108

Our group has 8 members of varying flower arranging ability working in two teams of 4. Each team takes turns to organise and arrange  flowers  on two consecutive weeks,
occasionally for special events we all arrange together. 

Time taken is usually 1 hour 30 to two hours (we have a tea break in the middle) 
Pam West and Jean Asprey are overall organise
rs but really everyone is involved in some way. 

Flower Arranging

We depend on donations to fund the purchasing of flowers and other equipment,
sometimes we  use silk flowers for the bigger arrangements to save on funds,
wedding flowers are paid for by the couples. 

Flower Arranging  Flower Arranging  Flower Arranging

Throughout the year we also do special arrangements
which are placed on the memorial  windowsill,
we ask for a donation from relatives towards the cost of the flowers used. 

Flower Arranging

New members would be welcome to come along and join us,
help and advise is always on hand.

Thanks go to all the team members
for their time, hard work and enthusiasm throughout the year.

Flower Arranging  Flower Arranging