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Having A Say (PCC)


If you are a baptised follower of Christ you are invited to get involved in the governance of St. Michael's by enrolling as a Member.  This is through our Parochial Church Council  (PCC). Enrolling as a Member is one way of showing your commitment and care for the community and the buildings. Legally the PCC is responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and the maintenance of its assets, such as churches and church halls. It also assists the clergy in the management of church affairs in the parish, and promoting the mission of the church. They include the duty to co-operate with the minister "in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical". The PCC is a charity and members act as trustees. (The same rules for trustees of a charity apply to PCC trustees).  We have an annual meeting to review our operations, resources, and to elect representatives for the PCC. This is how you can have your "say" and get involved. 

There are a few rules to observe: 


1.(There shall be a church electoral roll (in these rules referred to as ‘the roll’) in every parish, on which the names of lay persons shall be entered as hereinafter provided. The roll shall be available for inspection by bona fide inquirers.
(2) A lay person shall be entitled to have his name entered on the roll of a parish if he is baptised, of sixteen years or upwards, has signed an application form for enrolment set out in Appendix I of these rules and declares himself either –
(a) to be a member of the Church of England or of a Church in communion therewith resident in the parish; or
(b) to be such a member and, not being resident in the parish, to have habitually attended public worship in the parish during a period of six months prior to enrolment; or
(c) to be a member in good standing of a Church which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity (not being a Church in communion with the Church of England) and also prepared to declare himself to be a member of the Church of England having habitually attended public worship in the parish during a period of six months prior to enrolment.

Should you have any questions please contact the Vicar or the Wardens.

If you still interested in enrolling please fill in the following form and return it before the 30th April 2021 : Click here