Please make a donation to keep your community at St. Michael's alive and well:

Sort code: 60-01-08
Account number: 50140221

If any want to continue regular giving to St. Michael's and the Church of the Ascension, and are willing to switch to a Standing Order in place of cash or the envelope schemes then please contact Val on 01252 651342

There are many reasons for giving, for donating, and one big reason is that it defines who you are, a generous person, and how you would like to be treated too. 'Money' is a neutral thing and we easily form attachments to it fuelling desire or fear of lack. But when we view it as a gift-stream flowing from God we can be free from lack or desire; we can flow and circulate with the stream without blocks or dams. When we freely give we allow the the increase flow of this stream.

When you give to St. Michael's you are giving to build 'your church', your 1000 year community, and to support God's vision of love for our communities. You are changing lives. We love your generosity and may God bless you with abundance.