St. Michael's & the Ascension, Aldershot

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            The two Churches serve a very large Parish that comprises                        most of Aldershot, other than the town centre, the Army Camp and the North Town area


The land on which St. Michael's now stands was personally owned by Alfred the Great and when he died he left the land to the monks of Winchester.

It is likely that the Church was originally built between 1120 and 1150 - there are signs of the middle ages around the Church and the oldest bell has been rung since 1380.

During the reign of Elizabeth I the tower was rebuilt and formed part of the beacon chain to warn against the coming of the Spanish.

In 1645 Royalist troops invaded the village and set fire to the houses but the Church was spared the fires and survived.

The clock was installed in 1799 and in 1801 a body snatching scare led to the construction of the distinctive brick-arched graves in the churchyard.

By 1859 the relocation of the British Army to the Aldershot Camp swelled the population from 875 to 16,000 and the Church was extended.

The Church was further extended to its present size in 1911.

                                  THE CHURCH OF THE ASCENSION

The foundation stone was laid in 1939 and the first service was held on

17th December 1939.

The building was consecrated in 1945. The Rev. E.W. Leachman composed the hymn - "Lift High the Cross" - he dedicated it to the congregation at the Church of the Ascension - it was sung at the Consecration Service.

The Church building has never been completed and remains work in progress.

The Church has a good sized Hall that is available for functions and regular hire - see under "Who's Who."

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